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Two Tree Music is a Bandcamp record label created in 2020 by Jon Thorne and Martin Slattery.

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The Strangest Of Times is a new collaboration between Martin Slattery ( Joe Strummer's Mescaleros, The Hours ) and Jon Thorne ( Lamb, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan. ) 

Martin Slattery - Drums, Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, FX
Jon Thorne - Double Bass, FX

Their debut album 'The Third Law Of Motion" was improvised, composed and recorded within four days at Narcissus Studio in 2016.


Released June 5th 2020 

Martin Slattery - Drums, Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, FX 
Jon Thorne - Double Bass, FX 

Produced by Martin Slattery and Jon Thorne 
Engineered by Ross Mathews at a Narcissus Studio 
Mixed by Martin Slattery, John Catlin and Flood. 

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Initially conceived as a performance piece it debuted as a sell out gig at the Manchester Jazz Festival in 2007. The concept developed into an album produced by Jon, and featuring, alongside Danny some of the most exciting musical voices on the contemporary UK scene, including award winning jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, guitarist from the Cinematic Orchestra Stuart McCallum and one of the leading talents on the modern folk circuit, John Smith. 



Released July 3rd 2020


Double Bass - Danny Thompson 
Electric Guitar - Stuart McCallum 
Voice/Choir - Jojo Thorne 
Piano - George King 
Drums - Dave Walsh 
Clarinet - Gilad Atzmon 
Danny Norbury - Cello 
Harp - Eleanor Hudson 

Acoustic Guitar - John Smith 
Acoustic Guitar - Pete Philipson 
Acoustic Guitar - Jon Thorne 
Acoustic Guitar - Kirk McElhinney 

Violin - James Pattinson 
Violin - Adam Robinson 
Viola - Justin Lingard 
Cello - Martin Couzin 

Produced by Jon Thorne 
Recorded/Engineered by Jon Thorne/Dan Hope/Stuart McCallum/Gilad Atzmon/Pete Philipson 

Mixed by Joe Adams/Jon Thorne/Dan Hope

Photography - Emily Dennison


Homestead is a fourteen track album written primarily for cello, piano and using field recordings from the Isle Of Wight. It collects a serene and deeply personal set of musical vignettes exploring sobriety, family life and reconnection.




Jon Thorne - Piano, Keyboards, Loops, Samples, Radio

Danny Keane - Cello

Andrew Coleman - Flugelhorn

George King - Piano 

Robert Melling - Piano 

Jojo Thorne - Vocals 


All tracks composed by Jon Thorne

Mixed by Jon Thorne and Dan Hope

Produced by Jon Thorne

Additional production - Pete Philipson

Sleeve Photography - Jon Thorne

Sleeve Design - Ben Javens